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Been watching  two toms and a few hens in a field for the last week in the same spot every day and decided to make one last attempt at shooting a bird this season ...saw them in the field around 5 pm so I went home got my camo on and made my way down the railway tracks to where ive been seeing the birds ...they were along the edge of the bush so I snuck out to the edge of a hydro tower and stuck a decoy hen in the ground about 3 ft from the tower and set up about 30 ft from the tower in some short scrub ...made 3 chirps with my mouth call and waited ...15 mins goes by and I was getting anxious to see a bird coming so I stood up almost to get busted as they were walking my way at 50 yrds and closing I dropped to my knee and chirped once more and got a gobble ...in came the tom along with the Jake following...they walked side by side the whole way to my decoy so I had no shot ..as they now have figured out the jig was up the tom started turning away from the slightly less smart Jake and I perched up and nailed him at 30 yrds..tom down! Sorry crappy pic but he flipped into a puddle when I shot him.20200530_180810_HDR.jpg



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Ya genec I hunted 2 dozen times with only one chance at a Jake previously...I haven't hunted in 10 days and I actually been keeping a close eye on the pattern of these birds because they weren't responding to calls or even caring about decoys at all because they were with hens...when I arrived to the spot the hens were nowhere to be seen which was the game changer ...(got lucky)..I thought when I couldn't get a shot off because they were walking side by each I wasn't gonna get to shoot but the smarter tom turned away from the unlively decoy and made it clear for the shot and I nailed him ūüĎĆ

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11 hours ago, genec said:

Good for you...congrats.

i finally gave up...hunted 14 days, and saw 68 turkeys in total, but nothing came close enough for a shot on the bean fields I hunted.

I found the birds this year just giving a hard time as i said in my post i would hunt the filed they would stay in the bush i hunt the bush they would go to the field just a big game to them 68 turkeys that a good number of birds

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