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I Pilot Remote Battery Compartment Issue

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Thought I'd post this incase you have this issue. The locking disk cover on the battery compartment had the tabs break off a couple of years ago. I was able to find a replacement in the States and shipped to my US mailbox, Then this past fall the tabs broke off of the actual housing that it screws into so had it wrapped in electrical tape to hold it together.  I called Minnkota recently and was given a contact in Mississauga that carries their parts, called them and they shipped a new battery cover, and entire back half of the remote to my door including shipping for $25   

Company is A. Aikman Sporting Goods Repair  905-277-3595  They don't have a website.


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Aikmans is awsome! Fried the head on my old TM years ago couldnt find my reciept! He fixed it and extended the cables so i could put the battery forward in my canoe! No charge! Like i said AWSOME!!!

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