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Great day fishing

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Spent the day on the Detroit River, beautiful day out and fishing cooperated. Two limits of walleye in 3 hours. One boat had 9 fist drift. After walleye we decided to try out some pike fishing so found a bay and threw some spinnerbaits. 5 oos bass and we left that spot and called it a day.  Man that river is kinda scary. Lots of current. After the walleye fishing we were packing up and next thing you know we’re about to hit the front of an island. Oh crap start the motor. No power to the motor......get on the troller, it’s barely doing anything in the current. Getting closer the the island we drop anchor. Even the kicker wouldn’t of got us anywhere the current was strong at the front of the island. We waved down a boater and they ended up towing us up to a marina so we can check the boat out in safe waters.  Try starting the main motor and no power still.  Ended up being something easy. No power because the boat was still in gear slightly. In all the commotion it must of got pushed forward when we initially tried starting it.  Ended up being a great day out and thanks to the michigan guys/girl that gave us a tow. Oh ya also caught a musky bait..





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Good catch Ty.....good eats too !!  My buddy was fishing solo in a 12' boat at Temagami with an old 15 Johnston tiller ......gave it a good pull & it flipped the boat over ....lost his gear but he lived !   He started it in gear ......full throttle !! 


Those 8 turtles are breaking the covid  rules..... only one is playing it safe at the back ( Johnathan Livingston Turtle )  ....I had a mallard pass by my feet with 6 very tiny ducklings , must have hatched today !  That's the other half of fishing !   B)

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