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The illegal gun owners are laughing .....don't let the communist liberals take away your rights . An "underground" gun world will be created .....not good for the safety of our people , including the police . ... 

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Your right Smerch. What we need is an elephant gun, to shoot the elephant in the room, but we know that isn't going to happen. Come to think of it maybe that's why they banned "Elephant Guns"? We thought they were going light on gang bangers, I don't think we've seen anything yet the way our political climate is heading. Everyone is a victim with no personal accountability, always someone or something to blame for their actions.

And yes lets defund police and call in the many social workers that I'm sure will be eagerly lined up for the job to be dispatched to deescalate potentially violent situations, "ok boys lets put the guns down and shake hands" "mam I understand that the devil is telling you to cut your grandmothers head off,  but please put down the knife and lets talk this through"  People have lost their minds! 

And for the cops, sure there are some bad apples as there are in any profession, but can you imagine the environment that they are currently working in. Having to possibly make a split second decision that could cost you your career or freedom. Hug a cop not a Thug! 

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