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Has any one noticed the LARGE CHARGES on you hydro bill that Ford said would help because more people are home.  OLD RATES were.....Off Peak...6.5 cents per Hr....Mid Peak ...9.4 Cents on Peak...13.2 cents..... Now all 24/7 as of June 1st .....12.8 cents per Hr..... Where are they SAVING US MONEY ?????? 

What do you think ???

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It is not saving you  money. It is costing you money. Take one of your bills from before the "savings" where you paid the three different rates. Take the total KW usage and multiply by 12.8. That is your energy usage cost. Now compare that to what you actually paid, the energy charge only. Would you have saved money at the new rate?

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2 hours ago, мормышка said:

I'm surprised there hasn't been power outages because of increased draw.


If you couldn't tell, Doug Ford isn't the same person elected 2 years ago.

Ford has gone wimpy ....   reads the script in front of him word for word ..... but reminds us about that buckabeer ! 


The "Global Adjustment" on our electricity bill is nothing more than an eco tax !

Don't expect the "cons" to be any better than the "libs" .

Many more people staying home ....running the air here 24/7 set at 76*F . constantly .

Ford likes to take care of his business friends , but fails to realize the more we spend for our hydro , water, gas , higher store prices, sale taxes and other fees , the LESS we buy at the retail stores . I have cut my spending 90% .

 Enjoy the break on gasoline ....never know when it will  take off again .....🚀



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