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Baby it's hot outside .....   This report says the Great Lakes are much warmer ....not enough wind to help cool the water , lots of hot sunny days ....


I find this strange since for months we shut down industry and millions of vehicles sat in their driveway at home ,  thousands of jet planes on the tarmac , etc etc.


Some of the "record" temps. on the weather sites show many high temps.still stand from the 70's & 80's .....All this makes me skeptical of "man made " climate change .


I hope this trend ends soon as we don't want the lakes to get too warm ....our fishing enjoyment depends on it ....



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I'm with you Smerch.


Always laugh when the shocking news flash comes out that it hasn't been this hot on this day since 1963 or something to that affect.


The climate has been changing since there has been a climate. Good thing, 15,000 years ago this area was covered by a glacier, not so much now. Might be covered by one again one day? Either way, carbon tax, windmills and Teslas' will be irrelevant. 


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10 hours ago, Surf and Turf said:

carbon tax, windmills and Teslas' will be irrelevant. 

Yes .... and I'll try to avoid using a plastic straw in my drink box . 

How about doing something about the millions of tons of garbage floating in the oceans ?

...  or charging those blm people from turning the streets into dump sites ? 

etc etc etc etc.......


Where's Greta at  ??   :rolleyes:

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35 minutes ago, мормышка said:

Ooooh......what's she drinking? Looks good!

   ....all I can say (do) is......


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2 hours ago, knightfisher said:

Here's a pic of a straw, in case people forgot what they look like 🙃


LOL....Hmm, that might be a paper straw, so we should give her a break. Wonder if she wants to go fishing?

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