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New spot today ... can't say where , or I'm dead !   Water has some current , 3-4 ' viz...about 8-9 ish ft. deep average ....using maize on the hair , sliding 1 oz. egg sinker ...20lb mono , 12'rod .


Started out with a couple "bumps"  then a hard run ...1st carp was a mean mama ....17 lbs. (largest one so far)  I baited up and 2 minutes later another hard run !  She didn't fuss as much & I thought I caught the same fish ! ! But it was a pound lighter at 16 lbs . Had another good hit , 60-70 ft. run & it slipped off .... One more smaller one after that about 10 lbs , and a nice battle .

   Then I moved to another spot about 100 yds away ....a little shallower with lots of bottom weeds .....About 20 min.later a good run and it got off .....re-baited with a corn puff...2 minutes later a hard hit & another one about 12 lbs .   Then , I saw a carp cruising by in 3 fow about 6' from shore . I dropped my maize in front of it as it headed out deeper ...and it slammed it ...took off like a rocket and came in at about 12--13 lbs. ( I only weight the ones that look to be over 15 lbs .. It was the first time I caught a cruising carp by sight ...what a blast !!!

   Yep ...I had a blast ....nice way to start the month !! 

  ...here's the 2 largest carp which I thought were the same since the second one hit in 2 minutes in the same spot !  Check the damaged lip one the second one ...think someone got a little rough with the pliers ....  A nice spot and NO GARBAGE ! 


 ...excuse the feet ....

can carp 17 lbs.jpg

carp 16 lbs.jpg

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I gave the mono line a good workout .  The head shakes are much softer but pulling them out of heavy weeds takes more patience with the extra stretch , and there is more line twist after a battle .  I'll cut about 10' off when I  gear up again .

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6 hours ago, Tony said:

That's great Bill............Nice looking carp''''😎😎

Thanks Tony .  Every fishing trip has a new story to tell !  The great thing about shore fishing is taking in all the beauty of nature . While sitting in my fold up chair ,wearing my sandals , I felt something "tickle" my toes on one foot .....looked down to see a snake's tail end,   going into some bushes .....only a garter snake ....had a chuckle ! 

  The carp there seem to be very strong ....one about 13 lbs got into some current and I couldn't turn it around for 10 minutes !  The take advantage of the current  there .

Shady day tomorrow ....a little cooler ....NE winds ....hmmmm   ............looks like a good day to  :Gonefishing:


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13 hours ago, Tyler0420 said:

Now that’s a good day smerch. Beautiful day out and a bunch of fish. we’ll get out soon. 

I think we can break the 20 # barrier there Ty !   I snipped off 10' of mono ...some had some fraying from rocks near shore ...all set up for another go .....  tomorrow looking good ! 

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Nice catch Tyler ....I have caught a few with a few bumps and bruises lately . ...maybe a skin disease rather than damaged .


I didn't catch a whiff today ...they turned off completely ....told my wife I'd bring home supper ...


...soooo ....I  spotted this french fry place on the way home and brought home supper  ! 


I'll have to wait until Friday for the fish'n chip special ..




fishing snack.jpg

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When I saw this carp video today I thought it was the 12 Mile Creek  !  ...Same current speed , same width .... His carp rod looks more flexible than my 12' Maddraggon  . I would like more info on the rig & weights he used , chum , and line strength . It gives me some encouragement to try the fast water at the 12 ...probably need to go 2 ounces min. !  I usually fish carp there when the water is down significantly .





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