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I would be more than happy to catch a carp half this size  !!!   Me eyes say "Holy COW "  !!  But my head is saying .... photo shopped ????


Do they use tennis balls on a rope rig to catch these piggies ?   Do they put steroids in the chum ?  


My next 30 lb carp will seem a lot smaller now ..............    😏



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The picture makes it look bigger than him, his whole body is hidden behind it and he has a smile instead griting his teeth holding up something bigger than him?????????? Something fishy, no pun intended.

Smerch I'll believe your picture my friend.

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44 minutes ago, Fish Farmer said:

Smerch I'll believe your picture my friend.

My shoe size is 14 Dave ......   B)


I couldn't pick that pig up .....I'd have to lay down beside it to show it's size ...


3 hours ago, Tyler0420 said:

There’s a lot of big carp over there smerch.  Most are pay lakes with stocked fish, all they do is eat eat eat.  France is known for some big piggies. 

I watched a few videos on piggy carp from England , France & Spain ....like you said they feed those hogs McD. burgers with plenty of bacon and cheese !   Maybe they fight like our local snapping turtles .....

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