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Where's The Rain  ???    I was anticipating a BIG rain last night ....up to 60mm of it !!  That could be either great or not so great for our fishing success .


Low and behold ...this morning,  I awoke to sunshine and dust on my grass ......How WRONG can they be ?  


Carry on !       :tease:

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4 hours ago, мормышка said:

After the recent big rain, all of a sudden, my pepper plants had larger peppers and tomatoes going red. Nothing beats natural rainwater soaking a garden for production :pardon:

I don't know what it is this year, but my tomatoes are taking a long time to ripen.........A lot of green ones just waiting to get ripe''''

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I lost a few plants from being in the sun too much & poor soil & some tree roots that creep under the roots . I have had some cherry tomatoes do ok , and another one that grew wild from  last years seed in stones & clay against my garage  ! It is nearly touching the eaves trough and is 8ft.wide & loaded with green cherry tomatoes . Another plant (Big Beef) that is doing well is also growing in clay with a little mulch in a corner of a fence . I counted 30 tomatoes on it with many more to come !  There's also a cucumber plant mixed in with it .  It's been a finicky year for tomatoes !  My beans have been producing very well but have needed daily watering (rain water from my barrels)

  Here's my lone beefer .....very productive !!



tomato plant.jpg

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