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Whirlpool parking fees

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Just as an FYI


There is now a parking machine at the fisherman’s loop at the top of the whirlpool trail heading down to the pool. 

It is monitored daily.  I spoke to them today and this machine will be a 365 days per year kiosk.  It will NOT be covered up the way the one at the Glen is in winter. 

So pay by the hour, risk a parking ticket or if you go a lot then buy an annual pass for $15. 

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38 minutes ago, мормышка said:

Definitely worth $15 if you fish there a lot.


I wouldn't know what a parking violation costs in ticket or tow away.

I'm not sure cost either, but I can guarentee it will be more than $15 ! 

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Seems way out of proportion  ....  A 10 hr. day of fishing would cost the same as a yearly fee ?   Maybe they are expecting most anglers would pay the yearly  fee if they fish there more than twice a year ....


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18 minutes ago, Mbocco said:




scroll down to see the prices 

$15 annual for Glen

$15 annual for fisherman’s loop

Niagara not making enough this year due to Covid so they have to make a $h!/y parking lot paid.  Brutal... gotta pay for everything these days. 

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Pay the annual, no need for a petition.  I bought an annual for one lot I use a few times a year, and the annual runs for 365 days from the date of purchase not till the end of year.


The ticket rate should be around $15 to $20 unless the rates have been upped since the last time I picked up one 15 years ago.


This isn't about not making money out of COVID, it is about it happening sooner or later as Toronto continues to encroach to all areas of Southern Ontario.  Look at the hotels in Niagara Falls ... parking used to be around $5 to $10 a night about 20 years ago, it now runs at some hotels upwards of $30 a night and you are parking it yourself at the price.  People from TO don't flinch at the prices so they keep going until people flinch.  St. Catharines has upped the parking violation ticket price in the Morningstar Mill area because people from Toronto would laugh at it, you put 4 or 5 people in a car and come on down ... the nominal amount is easily paid for by the occupants with no one complaining since in Toronto you would be paying $5 to $10 an hour for a spot.

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I was there around 6:30pm, few tickets were issued. I notice on the style of ticket,  the same that was issued from Glen's parking lot, it just has different company name on the ticket machine. A cash grab that the glen and whirlpool tickets are not usable for  both machine. 


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51 minutes ago, Captain Hooksets said:

it’s a pretty expensive hobby/sport. 

It can be very expensive depending on how one fishes . Boat fishing is more $$$ than shore fishing , by far ....launch fees , boat / trailer upkeep , license, gas , riggers , fish finders , etc etc . ...much cheaper to run small boats, canoes ,etc. I just sent a check out for 4 grand to pay for my trailer fees at Deseronto ....didn't go this year for a couple of reasons but paid the $4000 fee for having it sit there at the park. Now THAT is expensive fishing ! 


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3 hours ago, Mbocco said:

Honestly it irks me to have had to pay but $15 for 365 days isn't exactly unreasonable.  

Yes , that is pretty cheap , but it seems to be they way things are heading lately . We may have to pay to fish the Port Dal. peers (parking fees) when all the condos are done.  And they can raise the fee every year .

Good fishing   :Gonefishing:

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