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Spending less saving more pesos ?

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On the news today , people are not using their credit cards as much and saving more $$$  . Got me thinking about my trips to stores that are wayyyy down the last 4 months & there's more $$$ in the bank . I haven't driven 1000k (both vehicles combined) in 4 months. Trips to a store are to buy food & toilet paper ....spent very little at Can.tire , Walmart etc.....a few bucks at the Buck store . Wearing a mask , doing the hands thing etc has put a damper on shopping in general ....

   Big savings on gas as well  (98 cents today) as my fishing spots are mostly a 5 to 10 minute trip .  Many businesses  have gone under and things aren't looking good right now as the Woohun -19 is on the rise.....  Shore fishing has been normal  and 90% of my fishing time is solo .  Ice fishing should be normal this winter  since we space ourselves anyway .

  On the other hand  I feel sorry for those who lost their jobs and businesses going under , and it's heartbreaking to see little kids going to school wearing masks .......

  It would be great if this virus thing was killed off due to cold winter temperatures .....Here's hoping next spring will bring us clean fresh air again !!

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I'll bet most credit cards are maxed out so they can't used them anymore. 


Otherwise my only shopping is for absolute necessities and spending the least amount of time in the store possible.


I'd say prepare for another lockdown. Follow the clues. Either October or January. Cold and flu season is coming. Of course everything will mystically become BS-19 from ALL ages, even with mandated masks started in July. 🤪 

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I hate paying interest !  It's bad enough we pay 13% tax on most items . I have always paid my C.T. Mastercard in full every month (no interest) & get some of that tax money back using the card . Last month my bill was $14.50  , a pittance to my regular monthly  purchases . Food is paid by debit ...

  That little plastic card has gotten a lot of people in dept up to their ears ...wayyy too convenient for people who cannot control their spending (  gotta have that new "smart" phone  )   .....


On the other hand , some had to use their card to buy food ....sad situation !   


Thank you China !

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11 hours ago, Snags said:

I would wager two lockdowns unless it lasts for a while ... prior to Halloween to ensure no one shall enjoy themselves and then again at Christmas to maximize stress and pushing the population to the brink of the falls.


Let's hope we don't end up like England .....they may be going to another lock down .....


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We have an invite to attend a back yard wedding this month ....up to 80 people . Ford just announced all of Ontario has been limited to 25 outside and/or 10 inside  for the next 28 days ..... Looks like some changes will be made ....

What's next Mr.F  ?

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I dont see us going back to any kind of normal until at least next summer.  I feel bad for the kids not being able to go to school and actually socialize in person  if locked down again. Plus no sports etc...not good mentally or physically for them. 

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