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I 'had' a huge red delicious apple tree in my back yard . Over the years many bushels of them went for deer baiting .  Most years that tree produced about 15-20 bushels !  Some of the guys here picked up a few bushels for their hunts . The fallen apples attracted many wasps and even some rats . The tree started dying off , limb  by limb until it met a chainsaw ....just a 2' stump now ....

....from a few years back .....



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10 hours ago, Darryl L said:

That's good to know . I knew you could bait, but thought you had to stop a few weeks before season started.  I'll start collecting all my apples and pears 

Yes you can hunt deer over bait ducks and geese you can bait but you have to stop 2 weeks before the season and you want to make sure that bait is gone before hunting and turkey you have to be 100 yrds away from any bait site 

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15 hours ago, genec said:

Illegal to bait turkey, or ducks/geese.

deer ok

you can bait fore ducks and geese but you have to stop 2 weeks before the season and you have to make sure its gone before you hunt

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