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Lets hope our "liberal" media that doesn't believe in free speech (aka fake news)  doesn't shut down the YouTube video . With the backing of the NDP the our esteemed leader thinks his "majority" government can pass any legislation they wish .....  it ain't going to happen without an ugly fight ! 


....just saw this come up on YTube ....   the ndp is in a great position to get their perks from the perps now ....and the libs will bend over......


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5 minutes ago, мормышка said:

What a chances of getting PAL? Where does one take the course/class local?

I teach the courses.

right now I’m doing several for the Dunnville Hunters and Anglers club, and I also team teach w my partner at our club in Ft. Erie, but we won’t be doing any there until at least November.

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Any problems buying ammo here in Ontario  ?  Our group didn't need to buy it from stores since we used our own reloads . This article from the U.S. says they have a shortage of ammo for various reasons while others deny there is a shortage . One of the commenters said  more people are hunting partly because of the c19 and want to get "away" and also Mr. Biden , like Trudeau would ban many types of guns .....  



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Some seem to be in short supply, depending on gauge/caliber.

i have heard complaints on another site about shotgun sabot slugs hard to get.

personally, I have got so much stuff bought over the years I won’t need anything for a long time!

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