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On 12/23/2020 at 9:07 AM, genec said:

Guys, this topic is supposed to be on GUNS!

you’ve gone totally off topic, and should start another thread on this!

So easy to get off track these days , so much $hit going on ......

I just happened to spot this on U.S. gun control ....presented by a young lady .....She has done her home work !

The comments are very pro gun ownership ,  one saying  Libs said  "we don't need guns , we have police"....and they also said "defund the police"  Typical liberal commie agenda......



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On 12/23/2020 at 7:52 AM, Darryl L said:

The elimination of currency would be a huge win for the government. No more working under the table, and the ability to track every penny you earn, and where you spend it. There are numerous places around Niagara now that will not accept cash, and I predict many more moving forward. Scary.  

I was in a store like that in Hamilton last year and was about to buy a decorative serving plate for $375 and when I went to check out they said credit or debit only.  I told them to keep their product and I would be supporting their competitor and bought another one the following day for less money and paid cash.  I was shopping over Christmas and saw they were out of business........makes you think doesn't it.  I cannot see cash disappearing over our lifetime, and even if it does disappear I believe cryptocurrency will take it's place.  How else with the criminals launder their money?    

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