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1 hour ago, verado said:

20200920_141903[1].jpgThought you might enjoy the picture of my buddy's successful moose hunting trip last week near Cochrane.




Lol, who is your buddy? That is our gang, I was about to post about our trip.

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It depends on where you down the animal Tyler. In 40 years of moose hunting I have only had to quarter an animal a few times to get it out of the bush and that was in the days before ATV's. At our camp we have a sled that looks like a big toboggan but about four feet wide. It sometimes takes a little chainsaw work but with a big ATV we can slide it out of the bush to the nearest trail and then load it on a trailer. We then get it back to camp whole for hanging and skinning

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Man I'm so jealous...I was hunting in a group of 8 guys for about 13 years up past thunderbay...a few older fellas health declined and another guy moved away so my group depleted and the tag numbers dropped drastically and we never got an adult tag our last year we tried ( 4 yrs ago now) so I haven't made it back out unfortunately 🙄.. congrats guys on a successful hunt!

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3 hours ago, fishingking said:

..I was hunting in a group of 8 guys for about 13 years up past Thunderbay.

My last moose hunts were west of Thunder Bay , launching at Arrow Lake to our spot at Rose Lake . One year , about 2000 ,the six of us got 5 tags ...3 cow & 2 bull tags . I'm the only one left who is able to hunt (2 passed on) . I got a nice bull on my last hunt ...rack still in the garage .  Still missing those days ......

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