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Port Hope Fishing Closure over so-called "pandemic".

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People in general have their own personal perceptions about  the "pandemic" and other laws and bylaws . Those who don't fish really care not what spots are shut down to anglers as long as they can walk the parks, etc . But they do have a point when they see the garbage left by anglers . I saw enough yesterday ( worm boxes , line and fishing packages .

  A guy in Chippawa went into the water in a wet suit last night (after dark) with his car headlights shining on the water at Dufferin Is. to save a stranded goose that had a fish hook in its leg and tangled in line ...... THAT, to me is what will shut our spots down  .

16 minutes ago, Jeremy778 said:

She has obviously never been to Port Dalhousie if she doubts fisherman will stand less than 2 meters apart.

  Is that why they have the road closed on the east side ?  Another high volume garbage spot ..non anglers too .

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8 hours ago, smerchly said:

Fort Erie is getting bad for fishing guys are standing about a couple feet from each other and the leaving garbage everywhere I think my father this managed to make over 40 pickerel rigs from the garbage left behind. The rock formation as well the customs dock and Nichols marina are starting to get like Port Dalhousie.



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I miss port hope salmon fishing season after i moved to NIagara falls in 2018. The run there started in Aug this year as I heard through the grape vine, the salmon run over there is the biggest in Southern ontario, coarse fishing even works so effectively fishing there. 



I had great memorise of the good 20 years I had fish that area during the season. I normally travel from Toronto to Port hope twice a week, from second week of Aug to oct first week. To get the prime pier spot , one needs to be there by 3Pm, just to hold a spot, fish do not necessarily bite till an hour  after  dark around 7pm. Lots of Torontonians go there to fish, yet no one cares about car pooling.  I met americans, people from ottawa , quebec, kitchener etc , who go there hoping to catch a female for its egg. Every year, someone will be asking us at the pier, if we accidentally snag a rod and reel while casting spoon, cause a salmon took his equipment while he was not payng attention. 


The garbage thrown around during the season is pathetic, including anglers cutting a female salmon for its eggs and then just threw the cut up female body on the ground , hoping someone else might want the discarded meat. 


The area gets close to 100 people at some nights, some do not have license fishing the salmon season, and have to run away fast when they saw conservation officer or a police checking for fishing license, Police there has the authority to issue tickets after years of complaint from locals. The Pandemic was just an excuse to close off that area due to locals complainging in years. The salmon will be very happy this year to enjoy playing by themselves. 


I brought many first time friends who seldom fish, but wanted to experience fighting a salmon. I remembered having to save 3 rods on 3 different occasion , when a salmon took it off the ledge while  the anglers coarse fishing but left for split second and not paid attention. It was that exciting fishing over there. 

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