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Water was very high & fast & about 1 ft. viz. , using 2 oz. of lead but changing currents still moved weight about ....using corn bags for carp ,then shrimp for channels , or anything else .  It got very noisy down there as several big jet liners passed by just above the clouds about 5 minutes apart . That spot is usually clean of garbage but some trashy people left their mark behind today ....couldn't stand to leave it so cleaned it up when I left . The main parking lot at Glendale has been closed ...looks permanent as a result of the oil that was dumped there ....

 But I came home with another treasure .....a tough fight in the current , after 60 -70 ft. of red braid a nice spinner bait emerged !  :santa:

12 trash.jpg

spinner bait at 12.jpg

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When I saw the tim bits boxes I thought someone(s) have been into the weed , seen lots of that going on at fishing holes .


I usually have a green garbage bag in my back pack but only had a Wally bag which I used to wrap my maize bag . I had to flatten down the pop/beer cans etc to get it all in the Wally bag .

3 hours ago, Bubba14 said:

How many swivels on that thing?

At least 3 swivels with the steel leader Scott .  Maybe there's too much drag from the fast current without the swivels . I was surprised my line held up dislodging that contraption from the depths of the strong current . 

There was a lot of light brown foam running down the current line at the 12 ....possibly some industrial waste from Gibby/Thorold area (paper mill ? )

I had to pick up some meds for my dog near Port Dal .,so I checked for minnows ....shad still in there (feeding the trout) . They have a huge eyeball for a little fish ....too bad they can't be used for bait .

....a few more shots from yesterdays excursion..... ( shad , foam at 12 , new barrier at 12 parking lot)

Right on Dave  !!



port shad.jpg

12 foam.jpg

new barrier at 12.jpg

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