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Fished a couple rivers yesterday. Saugeen was pretty much blown. A couple fish were caught but we left anyways. Went to Medford, water was clear but not much going on so headed to Thornbury. Water was nice lots of guys fishing. River seemed slow till we hit the fast water and Hooked around 15fish between two of us. Lost them all. The bows went ape $h!t when hooked. Trying to land them in the fast water by yourself with no net was impossible. Could’ve walked them down river but then there’s like 10 guys below you.  The fight is the best part anyways. Light rain all day mostly but end up being decent anywAys. 



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7 minutes ago, Tyler0420 said:

Why make floats with a green top? Never again I’ll use one. My eyes are perfect and still hard to see Especially in foamy water. 


Orange or pink is best for my eyes. Anything green or yellow washes out in the sun.

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You sure get around Tyler !!  Better invest in a little trout net soon ......


Most of my floats are red , my old eyes can see them clearly in most local waters .


Getting my float rod ready for pike (soon) , got me some some nice fat minnows for those nasty pike ( or anything else )

.....do you hear me jwl  ?    :bb2:

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Tanglebury we called it back in the day, that spot used to have like 100 guys shoulder to shoulder back in the day.  Use the 11g Drennan loafer for saugeen or the fast water like you fished.


Saugeen will  be good this week when on the drop but more rain is in the forecast so you will need to pay attention to the charts.

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