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Stove & Green Tomatoes

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Busy day raking & mulching leaves with the lawn mower with bag .....then picking dozens of tomatoes at various stages , going to be zero tonight !  Also made a coffee can stove and gave it a test run .  I put 2 cups of cold water into a metal bowl and lit the cheap Dollar Tree fuel-in-a-can . The water began to boil in 20 minutes with 90% of the fuel remaining . ....good for some heat or heating up a can of stew or water for coffee/tea etc. It will have a test in the fish hut (maybe next week) ??  :santa:

  There are still dozens of those small egg size tomatoes on the lone plant (lunch box) which grew from a stray seed ...huge awesome plant & tasty sweet !

toms on the left are the lunch box , small in the middle are cherry and large green are beefsteak which will go into paper bag with an apple .....




Sterno Stove.jpg

Green Tomatoes 24-10-2020.jpg

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On 10/25/2020 at 9:20 AM, Tyler0420 said:

Smerch you always have the best contraptions.  Looks like your stove will work well. 

What I like about this there's no propane bottles to lug around or discard or larger stove. I don't know the BTU rating , but it seems to give off some good heat ...will have to try toast next lol ! I think it will cook hot dogs , sausages ,etc.on the rack .Each can cost $1.25+ tax ...hoping to get 2 hrs + per can .



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