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My son and I went north on Saturday for the second week of deer and what a week it was! We had a really good group of guys and ate like kings as usual. We hunted Sunday through Friday and then a single chase on Saturday morning. As one of the primary doggers/pushers I got my exercise, putting in on average 9 miles per day. We didn't know what to expect as we had temps in the high teens and I was dogging in a t-shirt!!


On Tuesday, during one chase we were lucky enough to get a 7 pointer, a big doe, then a 10 pointer.


Thursday saw another doe going down. Friday another and then Saturday morning a button buck.


We ended with 6 deer between the 7 camp members.


We always look at the week of camp life as a simple get away and consider it a bonus if we're lucky enough to get a deer down.


Memories made with some great people.




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Congratulations Scott !  That's one of those trips that you and your buds will always remember fondly  .  Every trip is always an adventure and some just get embedded into the memory bank forever . I know this well .... eat hardy !  B) 

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Awesome good job you guy's had a good hunt good to hear im still trying hope it ends tonight but then i love getting out as this time of year i get to busy and have to pick my days and still have some good time as long as the weather holds out (the wind) i lost more days of hunting this year do to the wind not being in my favor but tonight is a go congrats Bubba

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