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Had to start the new year off with a few hours of carp fishing ....turned out to be crap fishing .....no hits, runs or errors , but nice to be out fishing ! 


i went to Rennie Park and saw it was all frozen over !  I found a small opening   near the finish line building , about 30' of open water , a little shallow there....


I tried 3 different baits but they didn't like any of themm .It was very busy as people by the dozens walked their dogs , roller skated and strolled by , many saying "happy new  year " 


Everything was closed up as well as the coffee shop . Now....if we can get some colder days , the ice has a good start ......   :Gonefishing:


...a few shots .....that mink is a big guy with a big bushy tail  & looks mean !  Some ice and people strolling & a small open water spot at the building ....

Rennie Mink.jpg

Port Mink Jan 1 2021.jpg

Rennie Ice Jan 1 2021.jpg

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I’m proud of you smerch. Carp fishing New Years day :).  Not a bad Day to be out up until now with the ice/snow. I would’ve been out but roofing got in the way. My dad and I were the only idiot it’s on site today🤔.  I’ll be out next week in the evenings. 

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I might have done better if I had another 10' of open water there .  It did recede about a foot or so while I fished for 3 hours . My bait was just barely over the drop off & chummed lightly with oat/cream corn/maize/pineapple pack bait.

1 minute ago, мормышка said:

Surprised nobody out on it. :pardon:

The mink was smarter ,,,,went under it !   B)

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If I had another 3 feet of open water my bait should reach the bottom of the slope , might have had more luck fishing deeper. I chummed with oat/cream corn/maize/pineapple  pack bait rolled into balls . I tried cheese cloth balls with chopped minnows  for lots of scent ,  cheese bags with cream corn & chopped maize , and using maize on larger hook with yellow marsh-mellow to elevate off bottom an inch or so ....here you can see the edge of the ice ,about 30' from shore ....



rennie ice.jpg

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29 minutes ago, мормышка said:

Best spot would be the slight current that's there.

Wind was NE , so the south end would be good .

2 minutes ago, knightfisher said:

Could you not of used two rods as you were sort of ice fishing 😎

It would be nice to use 2 rods there ....one for carp and another for pike  with the float rod. 


......or take the wife along...... :Gonefishing::Gonefishing:

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