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Nice shots of the waterfowl ...never seen so many snow geese on land !   The River is a  bird watchers paradise  , a good place to spot the beautiful white egrets as well .  

Are those 3 birds mergansers ?Do you see many cormorants since there's plenty of bait fish ?   

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9 hours ago, basscrazy said:

I believe those to be swans not snow geese. 

Might be a mix of both by looking at the neck length .


There are a few mallards hanging around Port Dal today .....some kind of duck convention going on .....what a racket !!  :blahblah1::blahblah1:



Ducks at Port Jan 4.jpg

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Nice pics, 50 plus years ago did that drive with my parents often and dad had a high power spotting scope. My favourite was watching the otters on Navy Island, no Comorants back then.  Think those are all swans, snow geese are only slightly bigger than a mallard and swans are bigger than Canadas.

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3 hours ago, genec said:

Maybe they are discussing whether to fly south, or stay here for the winter and avoid all the Trump quacks!


The trumpeters have a later migration it seems .....taken from the Google Geeks.....quite similar to mute swans...  

copy/pasted quote ......


Spring migration for the Pacific Coast Population begins in mid- to late February, depending on the weather. By mid-March most Trumpeters have disappeared from the coast, not to appear on the Alaskan breeding grounds until mid- to late April. After the swans leave the estuaries, they cross the Coast Mountains.   :)   


Dave .....not too many years ago we didn't see many ducks , geese or swans wintering over at Port Dalhousie . Three or four years ago Port harbour was completely frozen over and the same waterfowl above were crammed on the ice there . It was bitter cold and they were being fed as there was no accessible food for them . At least the niagara river has open water as some parts of the Gibson system . The ducks stay because people feed them year round .

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