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I caught a couple of those corn robbers there Dan .They have a small mouth and can strip the corn one piece at a time . I believe they are young rudd fish ....

here's a google shot of the rudd ......




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9 hours ago, knightfisher said:

Robbers for sure BIll. Went through a lot of corn today.

I must have used 20 cents worth of can corn .......

The "Carp ,Cats ,Rudd" and "others" seem to be on the feed as the water warms up .

I'll see what they do with the maize next time ......

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got this from the www.......Roach has an overhanging top lip & is a bottom feeder ...

Rudd has  a longer bottom lip , feeds above bottom . 


Here's a close shot of the head of a rudd sent to me here ......caught yesterday .


Rudd -Roach.PNG


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