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Decided to try the 12 for carp today . When I arrived at "my spot"  an old tree (my leaning post) had fallen ,or was pushed down right over my sitting spot and in the way of my landing spot . I was able to move it 5 ft.back and was able to fish . The water was very high , fast and a little murky ....2 oz.of lead needed .

  After over 2 hrs. with no bites I packed it in . It may be a little early as there was no weed beds yet , so I'll wait a week or three .

  Bonus ....no ticks today !!  

...a shot of my swim ....  .....dug up a picture of the tree in 2020 



12 Mile carping.jpg

12 mile tree.jpg

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We had a fun day at Gibby today. We brought our light and ultra light rods with 8lb mono. Broke one giant off early because drag wasnt set property but the other two carp were a hell of a fight and landed. Good mix today of Carp, sheephead, cats, and Bass. All off corn and worms. Nothing fancy. We got there at 6am and there was 2 cars, when we left at 10am there were nine cars. 

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Good to see you had a good day's fishing with lots of action Darryl .  The carp are very frisky it seems , water temp. must be just right for them to be on the feed .  Water temps in the 12 are still on the cold side . I should do a Gib.run soon , still looking to catch a 40 lb. grasser !     :bb2:

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