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Anchors Away ...


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I found a half bag of mortar cement mix in my garage .( I have more stock than Home Hardware) ...

And I found a half full bag of white garden stones , average size about one inch . 

So I mixed up a batch of mortar -stone mix , about 60 % stone & 40 % mortar 

I found an old plastic water filter canister that I kept for a "rainy day" , and I always have a few empty coffee cans I save for many purposes , including for picking worms 

and ........... for making anchors .  The white one weighs 6 lbs .and the 4 grape wire hooks serve two purposes ....to hold bottom better or pull up branches if I snag up my lure . The wire is strong but flexible enough to bend  enough to get it back . I have a smaller version of this for the same purpose. 

The other anchor weighs 10 lbs ....lots of rocks in the can mixed with the mortar . That one will stabilize the 16 ft. canoe with stronger winds & use for my boat.

Next on the agenda ....get them wet ! 




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34 minutes ago, Steve_Guelph said:

I see you signed your anchor like an artist signs a painting or a sculpture. Nice touch. Many moons ago I think everyone had an anchor like this….classic and still functional.

HA ...yep the letter "S" for smerch is on it in case I lose it !  When we rented a boat at the French R.near Hartley Bay  they used cement anchors which works fine in 20 fow. for the 14 ' alum, boats . I was thinking of filling up an old boot ....... (nevermind) ha !  

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