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Coon , Rat , Skunk ?

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I noticed a bunch of flies on the lid of my plastic garbage can this morning , then saw several holes with teeth marks . One hole at the handle was about 3" long x 1/4" wide , some dime size or smaller holes too ....about 8 holes total . I used some chalking to plug the holes . My wife said coon , I think she's right .

And my little Jug dog got a piece of a cats ass this morning .....one lucky cat to escape this girls jaws .  I will set a trap and catch this cat and take it to the humane society ....better alive there than dead in my yard . 

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Those coons can climb brick walls and gnaw their way into attics !   We have coons ,cats ,rats , skunks , possums , and rabbits in the hood .  Any of them need to climb a 5 ft. chain link fence to access the yard . I also added  Tbars and 1 inch chicken wire to the bottom to keep young rabbits out  ,away from my dog's fangs !

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