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No ,not "that" weed , but one that is growing beside the arbor . It's 2' tall with large leaves and clusters of little buds/flowers . It is growing fast in a spot where there was climbing morning glories the last 10+ years . I think it needs to come out  and trashed .

I have been getting some beauty Big Boy tomatoes and the plant is still loaded with more.....also getting tons of tasty Lunch Box cherry tomatoes (so good) !


I have been having problems posting pictures with the new camera as I somehow changed the folder to a shortcut that incorporated all my other folder pictures. ....

I started a new folder ....hope it works ....the ? plant & tomatoes......( used snipping tool)





Big Weed.PNG

Big Boy Tomatoes.PNG

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1 hour ago, gunner-2 said:

They look like they would make a nice sauce


They are too nice for that Gunner ! They make great BLT's or  eat a slice with bacon& eggs , etc. 

Lady next door has been filling my yard the scent of tomatoes and onions as she canned 28 jars today !  

She would give Bigugli some competition !   (Bruce makes great salsa )  !!  

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2 hours ago, dave524 said:

The weed is Pokeweed, poisonous too.


I put the gloves on , dug it up , and it's now killing the rats at the dump ! 


I don't know where it came from , been growing morning glories there for years !  

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