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Successful Early Season Goose Hunt

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Couldn't resist getting out for the early season goose season. Nice cool morning, set up went smooth and enough birds were flying to get some action. We were just packing up and two cop cars showed up, here we go. One of the neighbouring properties called in to report that there were people with guns shooting geese behind their house and they are protected. We just explained to the officers what the rules were and that we were following the rules and they were satisfied with that. My buddy follows up with "we might see you again on Saturday, lol" Too many city slickers moving out to the country that don't belong there! Arggh. 


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3 hours ago, gunner-2 said:

Thats right Surf turf Turf there everywhere we are loosing room . But good job on the hunt i'm waiting for ducks hope my spot pans out this year 

Hopefully the ducks are down early this year Gunner!

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9 hours ago, Markster said:

Thats a nice stack of birds. Congratulations.

Do you make up goose jerky??? 

Thanks Markster. I made some Goose jerky a few weeks ago on the smoker and it turned out great. These birds are destined to become pepperettes. I usually hang them for a few days but too warm yet for that.  Nice young ones get roasted whole, sometimes will put breasts in slow cooker with apple cider then ad BBQ sauce and pull apart like pulled pork, breasts on the smoker too I find good. 

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