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Goodbye Quinte Trailer ...


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We bought a beautiful trailer on the waterfront at Mohawk Bay 3 yrs ago . The C19 has deterred us from going the last 2 years . We got our invoice today for the new rates for 2022 , and at the bottom there's a statement from the owner that we have to get both jabs... & maybe jab 3 or 4  by next season or we are banned from the park .

Needless to say , we will not let someone dictate or force us to conform to their health standards . Our health info is between us and the doctor ,period . We have no choice but to sell our beloved trailer . I will not help our political masters turn this country into a commie state ....seems like China has already got us by the short ones now !

We will be in touch with Christine who has been checking our trailer every few months and just bought a trailer a few lots from us also on the waterfront and she will help show people through the trailer and handle the sale for us.  We are fortunate to have her as a friend there.


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1 hour ago, Mbocco said:

It’s just the beginning I fear. 

Yes ,  some new variants like C 1.2. , Mu ,ect. are being brewed in Africa and with world travel I can see more "C"s landing at every airport and border crossings . We do not go anywhere than to get groceries so a complete lockdown wouldn't change our life a bit . We both try to keep healthy , no smoke & very little alcohol and we do the distance stuff and wear our halloween masks but don't click elbows as it looks so stupid . 


We trust our natural immune system will take care of the C-flu and build a natural immunity as always . Neither of us have ever had a flu shot and my wife hasn't seen a doctor in 32 years . She is a very unhappy (non) camper today (tears shed) and we will stick to our principles until they send out the troops .  Book your cruise trip now while you can .....  :rolleyes:


1 hour ago, knightfisher said:

Wow, that sucks for sure. Ya'll have your own place up there, and out doors when not inside. Doesn't make sense, but looking around, not much makes sense anymore.


All that is presently required there  is wear a mask on the docks , and the store is closed .  C19 will still be passed among the jabbed ones  as seen in the daily stats on the news. Many of them do not trust any crowded places ...not good for business either way .

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30 minutes ago, Tyler0420 said:

A trailer park? That’s just Ridiculous. Sorry for your loss smerch. 

We have one other option  ..... pay another 4 grand for next season and keep the trailer , then hope by 2023 c19 , etc. will be history . 

Maybe we could get an extra 20 grand more then as real estate prices double every year .......


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7 hours ago, мормышка said:

They deserve to lose your business. Or any other business that deems it mandatory to infringe upon your rights to do business there.

There are many empty spaces there now as some have moved out , some Americans,  and for 2 yrs no non resident campers including motor home buses etc.It's been costly for the owner and  laid off employees .  The local shops , reserve , and shopping malls took a big hit as visitors stayed home .....and I'm sure there are others at our park who will not take part in this experiment .....  so be it .   

  I'm not sure about people who drive motor homes who pull a boat going to the area ... There's a nice public  launch at Deseronto  and I don't think you need a "passport" to launch and fish .....and as ice fishing approaches ,  I don't know if renting a room at a motel/hotel is an option ...


We got a message from our friend Christine today who is upset to see us leave and will ask others at the park if they want a waterfront trailer and an asking price , then there are the other  local options to advertise and Kijiji of course. She will also take pictures for us to help sell it quickly as possible .

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8 hours ago, мормышка said:

Hard to say. Medical information needs to stay private, not made public. If there is enough push back to the passport nonsense, then maybe they'll not do it at all.

The main character behind this ploy has been  Fraudci  and he is under serious questioning right now . There is light at the end of that big tunnel .... Let's hope by Christmas we can ice fish "together in a hut" :santa:


" Bombshell Wuhan lab documents call Fauci's claims into question"   ......Fox News - You Tube .  

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