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Boating at Night


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Interesting read today about the O'leary boat crash that killed 2 in another boat that they say didn't have any lights on . I agree with the judge that lights have to be on after dark. 

Just one question about the speed they were going .....I believe there is no law how fast a vessel can go day or night ?  I have seen  boats & seadoo's going full speed across the water at night .  There's some night time video showing the crash .  As boat speeds increase and with more boats on the lakes , there will be more of this happening , day or night . Maybe time for some updated rules ?  

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I'm not sure we need new laws, we have too many rules already. Just need to use common sense. People that don't have common sense don't follow the rules anyway. If the other boater would have used common sense and/or followed the rules already in place they wouldn't have been out on the lake without lights and the crash wouldn't have happened.  On the flip side to that is operating a boat at night or day at a safe speed depending on the conditions is a personal responsibility too.


Evidently the police doing the reenactment couldn't believe how difficult it was to see a boat with no lights on, even at slow speeds. 

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