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Reel cleaning ,etc.


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I've been watching vids about cleaning & lubing fishing reels . was looking for the best way to clean & lube drag washers in my spinning reels . Some didn't put any oil or grease on the washers , some used oil , some used grease .  This short video seemed to be the most common and he made it look easy with some good tips , like putting the spool back on the reel before dropping  the washers inside . I always set my drags back right after I am done fishing so I don't forget later .....

    My 4000 Stradic  spinning reel is over 30 years old , (Raso's).. just needed a new bail about 4 years ago .....

   This is good to know .....




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2 hours ago, Tyler0420 said:

I’ve never cleaned any of my reels but should start. A couple hundred dollars each I want them to last 

Same here. I have two pflueger presidents for pike and trout and a quantum reel for carp. All are well over 10 years and never do a thing to them.
Maybe I have just been lucky.
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If you don’t dunk your reels or have sand blow on them there won’t be much maintenance required for decently sealed reels.  Splashing water or rain is not usually an issue unless you have a super cheap reel.  

A little reel oil on the handle knob and some on the line roller bearing is easy.  Remove the spool, and if the reel shaft looks dirty then wipe it off and use a TINY amount of oil.  Not too much or you can mess up your anti reverse clutch. 

Unless your reel feels crunchy or has become harder to crank then you don’t need to open it up. If you do though, make sure you know how to put it back together.  Grease is needed on the internal parts.  

Do not use WD40 on anything unless you plan on completely regreasing everything inside. 

You can wipe a small film on the outside of your reel to repel water but not on the bearings. 

That is all I do and my reels feel brand new still. 

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