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A question about this area.


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My fishing in this area has always been for catfish and carp so this year I have tried to diversify first bass in which I was successful getting lots of dinks and the biggest being a 3.8lb smallie. Than I moved onto pike and got 2 nice ones and now I am trying my hand at the migratory. Salmon has been brutal and I still haven't landed a fish but my interest has been peaked about these migratory fish and here are my questions. 1. Do salmon/steelhead/brownout come up into 15/16/18 mile creek. I know for sure of the steelhead/trout presence in one of the creeks as I have caught an trout myself while fly-fishing for suckers. (I think it was a nice one see pic)2. Do they come in in at sizable numbers to these locations. I am not really interested in fishing these locations for these species as I assume the fishing is better at other spots but I am just curious about this subject. Thanks in advance for any info you would be willing to share.


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Any tributary off Lake Ontario will have some of them but sizeable in those spots….no.  You can also add the 20 (Jordan) and the 40 (Grimsby) and every tiny creek in between.   

Reliable and sizeable numbers for the 12 (Pt Dalhousie) and of course the Niagara river. 

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