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Need an Ice Fishing Hut??


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Was at Princess Auto on Fourth Ave (St. Kitts).


They had a good stack of em for $200, four person hut ... for those who aren't as motivated as Smerch to build their own.


Hut they are selling


Not sure on quality or ease of setup ... but I would imagine with the various shipping delays around the globe not everywhere will have some for sale.

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Good info for anyone needing a hut, Snags!

Just a note for anyone using a hub style hut - NEVER use bungee cords for your hub anchors.

I heard of at least one case a couple of years ago where the bungee cord snapped in a wind, and the metal hub snapped into the hut and the fisherman got hit in the head w it and ended up with a concusssion.

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P.A. is 1 km.from here & I go there more instead of C.T. for better prices . They have good deals on trailer hitch accessories , WD 40 , Sea Foam , spray paint, rust protection spray , etc . I wasn't aware they had fish huts or fishing gear . They have an 8" ice auger for $60 but they don't show the blade , but looking at the blade cover , it looks like the triangular Fin Bore type which is better than the straight flat blades (which cost over $50 now ) 

My old hut is dismantled as I made a Smitty sled for my new  pop up hut & gear. .  But it can be put back into service quickly . The plywood floor is  4 x 8 with 4 holes ...great for carp fishing with 3 rods !  

And Gene , I always use  rope tie downs .  :Gonefishing:

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