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EC Brown Welland Boat Launch Closure


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Hey there 


just wanted to bring this to the attention of anyone who may care. 


Some of you may have noticed the boat launch owned by npca was closed last month. I contacted them to figure out why this launch had been closed and was told it was due to people dumping garbage and or partying. 

they also seasonally close this boat launch in October normally (but have now decided to do it in November.


So I directed a few questions towards management at npca. As to why they would close off the best access to the welland river for the season in November. 

the response I got was that their  policy is that they don’t allow anyone to “walk on ice “ on their property for safety reasons. As well as the issue of the partying and garbage being dumped”

so I followed up that question inquiring  if that was their policy why are places like binbrook open for ice fishing, or mud lake open all season for waterfowl… for which they could

not provide me an answer. 

it’s clear they really are not using any type of logic in their decision or policy making whatsoever. And would prefer to take and restrict access to people who pay for their permits and use their properties. Because of the actions of a few who most likely don’t. 

id urge anyone which a few spare minutes to take the time to call them and ask the same question I have. And express your opinions 

You can reach the Niagara peninsula conservation authority 


@ 9057883135 Ask to speak to someone in charge of the closing of e c brown boat launch and they will call you back.


or you can reach the representative I spoke with directly @ 905-933-3677









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