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Boxing Day Carping


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T'was the day after Christmas ,all shiny and bright , 

Not a carp was stirring , not even a bite . 

I had a few bumps that bit on the corn ,

Probably gobies , I would have sworn ,

So , if there's no ice on the ponds this year , 

I'll just fish for whatever is near...... 



Gib carpin 12-26-21.jpg

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That will be my next trip ....soon .  There's some biggies in there .


Browsing the Sun paper a few min ago I saw a picture of ice huts on the water .

It is from Manitoba ....

an article about smoking up or drinking on the ice or in a hut . I didn't know this .......just a small snip......




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It was a gorgeous day to fish (New Years Eve) , didn't get a fish but enjoyed the warm sunshine and fresh air . Came home with a case of Rickard's Red to heal my ego .

There was a bald eagle in the area but couldn't get a shot of it .....

Those carp are laughing at me , and " I VILL BE BACK !! "  


....btw ....it's the last day of 2021 ,   and the worms are still out there tonight !  


HAPPY NEW YEAR !   :clapping:

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