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Hectic Day


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Yesterday at 4:30 pm my wife caught her foot coming up the back steps . She fell onto the deck & fell on her hand , causing a severe injury to her right baby finger . It was bleeding profusely and when I looked at it  the whole knuckle bone was pushed through the skin . I took her to the emerg . and she was x-rayed then the joint was aligned , then x-rayed again before being stitched up & a steel finger guard placed over it .  The surgeon called it a "tendon blow out" ( 4.5 hrs total time there) She will see a Dr.Bush to remove the stitches and work on the tendon . ( He did the skin graft on my nose a few years+ ago ).  She is a trooper & is doing fine now !

  So I have been doing a little "maids" work ...got dish pan hands right now ....Picked up the groceries today ,  ( plus a nice fat rotisserie chicken ready to eat )  Picked some beans from the garden & some cherry tomatoes. I cooked the perch yesterday .....( Chef Smercho )  .  

   Tomorrow is looking like another fishing day as I need to get  our pooch Maggie's blood pressure pills , so I will be close to Port ....and the water ....and as Wilf Brimley said , "It's the right thing to do"   :Gonefishing: 

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1 hour ago, Bubba14 said:

Oh wow Bill, I hope the missus gets the care she needs and heals quickly!

Just call me nurse Smerch , just changed the gauze bandage , hand is swollen as expected . She spent the day on the phone trying to get through to Service Ontario ....nothing but a busy signal all day !  Her old red & white health card is invalid since she hasn't used it in over 30 years ( no docs or prescriptions) . They need to have more people on the phones .  

Tyler ...water was M.U.D. today ....only the gobies could find my offerings .  Gulls were picking up a few minnows in the fast water . Back to the carp for a while as the wind isn't a problem when they do the hit'n run thing !  :Gonefishing:

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10 hours ago, Mbocco said:

Geez.  Hope she is healing well.  If u need anything that can be helpful let me know. 

Thanks !  Her hand has swollen more each day but the sutures look good . 

1 hour ago, Chrisb said:

You can get a new health card at the driver license bureau.

She needs to get a temporary pass number from Health Canada before getting the sutures removed . They could bill us $700 for the hospital visit .

Service Ontario is backlogged and she cannot wait in a long line up for hours , will try again today , tomorrow ....

I need to get my plate stickers for 2 years & drivers & health cards renewed ....usually go to  hwy 20 , Fonthill ....have until Feb, if needed.

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 We went to Fonthill , 6 people ahead of us , back out in 20 minutes. She got a temporary health number to use until the new card arrives . 

Her finger was oozing and swelled up to the back of her hand . I went to Shoppers D.M.for antibiotics . They wouldn't accept my drug card without her new number . After 35 years of her having no prescriptions I had to pay $33 for 10 pills .( script fee $12 ) ....hoping this will work until sutures are removed .

I am the new maid helping with the domestic duties . Supper yesterday was haddock & fries .....They gave me 4 large pieces of fish instead of 2 pcs. ( I think they know I tip well) , so it's fish & chips again today !  :wub:

 I'm into withdrawal symptoms as I see dust building up on my fishing rods .....hope to get out for a few hours tomorrow .   :unsure:..:Gonefishing:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well , it's been a month ....time to remove the stitches after a layer of dead skin has been removed ...still looks sore , puffy and raw !

She went to our local clinic (Pelham Rd)  at 2:30 pm & the lady at the desk said they were closed . On line closing time says 3 pm.

and she said check other clinics for closing times . Needless to say ...still stitched up !

  I have had stitches removed by a doc who thought round cardboard cutters would do the job !!  Luckily , his assistant handed him the "right"  pointed ones that worked ! 

I never saw that "doctor" again . I have some tiny , sharp  pointed scissors used when I did some taxidermy .......  There are things one can do at home .....like removing a fish hook !   :mellow:

Our medical system was much much better during the 50's !


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