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Actually fishing related as I watch my gas gauge go down when driving 20 k to a fishing hole ..... We are paying "through the nose" for our petro now . Oil went down over 2 bucks per barrel today ....will we see a penny drop in prices ?  Checking prices today as I usually get gas at S & W ,Port Dal. , I see they have the highest prices locally ! Then I checked the high test prices .....WOW !!  $1.75 !!  Many of the vehicles I see like to "gun it" & suck up more gas , not caring about fuel economy whatsoever !  I guess they never complain about the prices . I might have to go see Smokin Joe's gas bar over the ditch !  



Gas prices Nov 18.PNG

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52 minutes ago, corey said:

It was 1.35 at the new(ish) Cdn Tire gas pumps on Rymal Rd in Hamilton last night. Not that it's great but better than most places.

I have the C.T. card that gives 5 cents off at their pumps .  They are just down the road less than one km., now @ $1.43   

According to the "polls" people agree climate change is "people made" and agree we have to cut emissions , thus the  $ carbon $ tax . 

It will never stop my fishing time !  

  $$$ KA-CHING $$$

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1 hour ago, Tyler0420 said:

I live fairly close to the Rez. I save $12-15 a tank, 2-3 tanks a week depending on work/fishing trips. It’s worth the drive for me. 

Big tank on that tank too Tyler !   A full tank on my v/6 van lasts an average 2 months lol . We have the G6  4 banger for local runs like for groceries . Both vehicles together haven't seen 2000 km in a year .


43 minutes ago, corey said:

The federal tax on gasoline is 23.5 cents per litre. I despise the gov't but the gas companies are to blame for this hike. Fortunately I own stock in some of them but it still hurts.

What will we pay when oil hits $100+ a barrel & more carbon taxes added ?  They want to push the EV's (tax incentives)?  We are losing parking spots now as they are for EV's only to juice up . I don't expect  EV fuel will save us more money in the long run .


2 minutes ago, genec said:

I paid $132.9 yesterday at Costco, N. Falls.  Was $145.9 in Welland.

Petro Can., C.T, Gales , etc have different prices at different locations . When I gas up I check Gas Buddy now . If I'm going fishing , I can fill up accordingly .

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48 minutes ago, genec said:

Each day I go to the farm hunting, I have a 55 minute run each way.

Glad I got my deer early this year - it saved me a lot of gas money not keeping running there until Xmas!


Good discount on the venison Gene !   B)

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The question that needs to be asked around gas prices is HOW ... but the government doesn't care about the end user.


If a gas station receives no shipments of gas on Tuesday, how can they change the price on Tuesday, let alone maybe multiple times since some stations have higher prices at certain times of the day and lower at others.  You want to say SUPPLY AND DEMAND, well then when their new shipment comes in the supply should be well above the demand and the price should be lower than when the tanks are approaching refill time.


How is it that gas is it possible that we can see up to a $0.20 difference between Stoney Creek to St. Catharines to Niagara Falls and to Welland?

As a specific example, how is it that Costco Niagara Falls is $1.329 but Costco Stoney Creek is $1.369, this is a business that knows their bottom line on every item they sell and there is no funny business like the other stations have where they gang up on certain stations, like when Ontario Street has significantly cheaper gas in an attempt to attack two gas stations that were franchised operations ( and independant) as opposed to corporate.

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Ah , the cutthroat tactics of big business verses the small independents .... This is how we create more billionaires . 

When the price of fuel goes up it gives business the okay (excuse) to raise all prices including food (and our Rapalas)  

The price of crude dropped again today over 2 bucks . It has dropped almost $10 lately but we are not seeing much change at the pumps .

If you visit a reserve to get cheaper gas , it would be worth having a few 5 gal cans to fill up while getting the cheaper gas. 

While we were at the trailer at Deseronto , it was nice to get cheaper gas & propane from the natives . 



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