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Been shopping late in the evening for a couple years ...today Wally said 'not too busy" . My wife has been feeling 'out of sorts' for  a week or so & she frowns on seeing a doc. so away I go to get the eats . I was surprised to see about 30% wearing masks but may be a good thing in the food area . 

I had a list but I always end up going off track & grab other things , like more corn for the carp !  "Grab some butter the list said" so I see the Wally brand at $5.98 a lb. She say "You paid WHAT for Wally butter  ??  That stuff is usually 3.97 !! They have Gay Lee butter for $3.57 !!  "  She is going to go tomorrow for the "sales"... I think she is feeling better .....  B)

But I got my 5 lbs of bananas and treated the smerch  to 6 Miller Drafts .....sometimes I don't mind shopping !   :)

 Tomorrow is the last shopping day for pike .....so , I'M GOING FISHING !!  It's supposed to be very windy but warm, so I'll fish where the wind is to my advantage ....may pick up some 2" minnows at Peters as the perch may be on the bite as well ....probably try Rennie....

Cheers !  


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Thanks Tyler , The yard isn't frozen , temps going up all night to 60*F. tomorrow , think I'll grab a few worms tonight . The water at Rennie is probably still on the muddy side so maybe trying worms might catch their attention . We may see 90k SW winds by early afternoon !  That is a tad breezy .....


...forget the worms ,only saw one , but there was a moth flying at my flashlight !

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29 minutes ago, genec said:

Just stand on the upwind shore, put a small square of paper on the top shaft of a pencil bobber, and you can sail your bait across the whole area!

I've seen videos with anglers using little sails to drag their large baits out for pike .

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