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Spooled by sturgeon in the glen


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20220411_084156.jpgFirst cast in the glen last week and a sturgeon picked it up! Ripped across, broke water and shook its head on the surface. Then it just dove really deep and did whatever it wanted. It stopped a couple times but I couldn't gain any line at all. After a half an hour I was down to just a few feet of line... nothing I could do so I cranked my drag and put my thumb down on the spool and luckily the hook came free and I got everything back. Except the fish! Unbelievable!! First time ever having one on in my life. Luckily the steelhead fishing was good right after that going 4/6 until 10:00 a.m when the water came up like crazy. Won't forget that day!!

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Back in the saddle again !   :clapping:


Nice colours on that bow ,  congrats on another good day on the River .

Your encounter with the sturgeon is similar to the one that nearly spooled me at Port .Dal.

I  tightened up my line until it gave and the hook bent enough to release the fish ....it headed out towards the "River".

Did it pick up a roe bag ?  Mine grabbed a worm on a 3 way , worm harness with a spinner.

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