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Well it's too hot for this aging turkey to go fishing , so I spend more time inside with our new pooch (just gave him some flea meds..) 

My stepdaugter gave him a hair cut and clipped his nails.....and brought me a Fathers' Day gift .

And , I am having trouble finding a new bag of corn puffs at any of the big stores . I bought my last bag at the Bulk Barn a "few" years ago ...oops ! The bag says this product expires at October 2012  !!  That "was'" a few years ago  !! But the carp don't know that that fortunately . I still have some remaining .   

Last shot was taken about 70 years ago where I caught my last bunch of carp ...amazing they are still there !  Check the card out Tyler......  :)




Dad;s Day Gifts.JPG

Puffed corn.JPG

Dan at Gibson.jpg

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On 6/25/2022 at 9:21 PM, Tyler0420 said:

That card is awesome smerch 

She knows I'm a carper lol . 

I went to the Peanut Mill today looking for some new corn puffs . They still sell Nature Path products , but the corn puff cereal is not the same . They make the puffs from ground up corn add sugar to make it stick and it disintegrates when wet . I think the old corn puffs are not being made now .....

The store said they will check with the company to see if they are available and call me .  Maybe popcorn will work ?  Shape it , prick some holes in it , wet it in pineapple juice ?? Bread balls ??  ...  I'm reaching ....... 


edit ....The store called & said  they now sell "Gorilla Puff Corn " which is made from a mash & formed into equal size balls . It is not the same as the actual "puffed" corn & it doesn't soften like the puffed corn . I'll have to keep looking , may find some that's still in circulation .....

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