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Crazy nice weather

Dan Andrews

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Been putting a few smallies in the freezer for this winter's apocalypse. Really enjoying this climate change so far. The first week of November had me thinking I was in Florida in Fort Erie. I paddled out to the escarpment between the PA lighthouse and HSBC tower hoping for an eye but all fish actually came in nearshore. Decided to freeze some whole and my wife Nancy suggested the tongs for scaling instead of the deer skinning knife. Worked better than anything I've tried before. Sure is nice catching bass without fighting to keep the sheep off the hook. Got some nice bronze without shaking the 1/4 pounders off too. Now if I could just get some pike before hard water season starts. 



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Tongs for scaling fish ??...leave it to the wimmins to think of that !  And do you do both sides at once and wear dishwashing gloves ? :rolleyes:

 Your old man is starving ....no fish in the freezer .....


....and thanks for that nice tenderloin Daniel ,  it will go nice with some onions and shrooms fried with a little bacon fat !

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