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Moved a deer stand into a thick section of bush after seeing multiple large tracks in the bush last week....well it worked perfect...at 330 a small fawn came through hung out for 10 minutes...at 420 a doe passed by me at 50 yards very cautiously I stayed completely still knowing the possibility of a buck being not far away....she slowly walked off outta sight ..about 20 mins goes by and I hear a couple twigs snap..I catch movement to my left headed towards a good sized opening in front of me...a good buck ....I ranged him at 41 yards...I have 20-30-40 yrd pins on my bow and practice constantly with all three distances....the deer takes three steps and stops looks right up at me and bobs his head up and down he knew something wasn't right the wind was perfect though....he dropped his head so I pulled my bow back with my knees just knocking away and got settled and put the 40 yrd pin behind his shoulder and letter fly ...wack...I shoulder shot him he ran my arrow fell out quickly...I was devastated...I waited till it was completely dark to get outta the tree...I looked at the arrow..4 inches penetration ...walked in the direction he ran with my headlight on and woohoo there he was lying in the thickets 40 yards away.... bowhunting is awesome!. This is my third largest whitetail in the last 20 yrs..stoked!20221116_191320.jpg

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