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I have a few questions about this for those who subscribe.  I am not looking for a provider, so no need to post usernames or "business names".  Yes I know … illegal as a whole.  Just wondering about a few questions.

  1.  What is your monthly bill?  Do you have an option for paying for a set period of time upfront for a cheaper rate?
  2.  For payment, is the charge put through on your credit card from a local company or is it a third party back in China?
  3.  What channels do you have access to?  Does it include things like the NHL/MLB/NFL networks?  Does it include tons of European football?  Does it include PPVs (boxing, wrestling, UFC, etc)?
  4.  Is it only live TV or does your provider have on-demand options available?
  5.  How stable is it, has a previous provider been shut down on you?
  6.  Ever had lag issues?  Is that a channel problem or a provider problem?
  7.  Do you need an android box, or is it through a website if your television has a browser?  If you need a box, is that included in the monthly rate or is it a separate charge?
  8.  If you need the android box, does your monthly fee include fixing it when it goes down or are you SOL and need to buy another one?

Again, just looking into some questions, not looking for a recommendation of a "business name" or any of that as I have two in mind, I am just looking for peoples opinions since searching or asking on facebook brings out the lowest common denominator in the population.

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we bought the android box outright through a reseller, he keeps it up to date with Kodi like addons for watching old shows and movies, for live TV there is hundreds of US and Cdn channels including TSN and Sportsnet and over a thousand if you include foreign stuff, we email him 20 bucks a month.

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I pay 20 per month snd find iptv just amazing.. I normally update my box every 6 months for $20

Love the live tv and 1,000s of channels to watch and it has a tv guide.. Just love it...

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I have connections to IPTV for $10 month and android boxes that come with lifetime support and a dedicated server that provides the updates. As will all boxes come with quick support so if you have have an issue any of the world wide support team can connect to your box. Run 2 apps and you have a complete factory restore with all the latest greatest.

1. $10 month

2 Paid by etransfer

3.Yes to all of those questions, as well as live PPV and local channels, movies, on demand has it all. No Porn.

4 Yes both

5. IPTV is always a risk. Our guy is stationed off shore. Never been shut down...having said that. You prepay 6 months service and guy goes down forever and you have 3 months remaining then too bad,,,you lost your money.  Not going top happen...been with him 5 yrs already. the most you could ever lose if service disappeared is $60. 

6. Can happen but rarely. All depends on your internet speed. Best choice is direct connection to box. I use wifi...with no troubles.

7. Yes you need a android box. My guys are all custom boxes, with high tech firmware like no other box around. Have a facebook, discord, and telegram support group, online dedicated server with all the latest apps and custom for only the customer.

No I don't work for them....but been in the Android /IPTV game long enough to know whos who in this game and what the top hardware and support is.  Trust me....don't waste your time with cheap android box with glutware on it and inferior firmware. The product we use is call GHOSTWARE. Find it on facebook and if you need the rep for your area feel free to PM me with any questions you might have.

Cheers !

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