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  1. That is common Smerch, but scarier is what you don't notice. Bags of chips are smaller in size, the old Family Size bag would fill my largest bowl, don't need that bowl now. The hot chocolate we use at work, the manufacturer dropped the size of the packet down by 6 grams or so, price remained the same. Individual jam packs for toast that restaurants buy, one company chanegd how it was packaged, so a few less packets per box, but price remains the same. No different than if you were to grab a box of cookies or crackers and compare it to the size of what you got 20 years ago. You can blame the corporations, but the end result is the blame is on the government (all of them, not just the current elected group of idiots) for allowing shareholders to drive corporate visions around not giving a f*ck about anything but a return on investment. Our cellphone rates are insane compared to other countries, but our government buries their head in the sand on this one and allows the big companies to continue buying up the little ones (which they have the power to stop) leaving us with less selection and offerings from options away from the big boys.
  2. This is no different than about 20 years ago when North St Catharines had a coyote problem and the residents were all up in arms and concerned because they are being stalked and the coyotes were gonna eat their children. If you are smart about things and you take the time to educate your family, the hazards are minimal. Unfortunately that relies on people being smart, and the Niagara masses are relatively stupid.
  3. It is a legitimate request since the credit card merchants take a cut when you use their services, you as a user only pay the fees if you get a card that has an annual fee or fail to pay your bill in full. That being said this is going to be a slippery slope since if this is approved, expect to see it occur to every other company in the realm of the telecoms since our fake market of competition, they all will try "something else" and whoever gets away with it they all switch to.
  4. I guarantee you there are a ton of rusted out cars in that harbour ... was very easy to get a little too close to the water there on both sides.
  5. Probably a mechanics union ...
  6. I would wager you might be able to get into some peacock bass and some of those snakeheads.
  7. I think you need some organization help.
  8. Niagara is the gold medal winner when it comes to bad driving. Having driven in every province and almost every state, I honestly believe that Fort Erie to Toronto is the worst in North America for driving skill with what I routinely see and get irrationally angry at. Turning into the wrong lane when two or more lanes turn in the same direction Speeding, sure have at it on the QEW, but the number of times I get people getting up my ass on the 406 where it is marked 80 due to the curves is insane. Red lights or advance greens that are no longer flashing, I am extremely cautious and have almost been hit a few times by these idiots. Especially those who run advance greens that are over. My personal fave is also the people who don't know who has the right away when there is street parking on side streets. But fear not, most of the above issues will be addressed with the Region's plan and vision to make roads safer which will include red light cameras and speed cameras, sure these are great tools and the public will love the idea around them, but do some reading and find out how easily they can be calibrated for nefarious intentions when they become money makers for the region. Also they won't do f*** all for the idiots on those little electric mopeds/scooters who don't need insurance, or a license plate to be on the road acting like they are a full sized vehicle making traffic slow behind them.
  9. But it isn't distracted if it is on the screen installed in your vehicle, only if you touch a device not embedded into your vehicle
  10. I just changed mine, making too much noise and drawing too much unneeded attention towards my vehicle, the faces I get when I am driving, that becomes the sign to change the tires. Takes me about an hour or so depending on how many neighbours want to chat it up and are confused that someone does it themselves so they want to ask questions. Put the headphones on and go to town. Also makes the world of a difference having a proper jack that is quick up and down.
  11. There will be something on the paperwork around "need a retorque after x KMs" which if you don't do resolves them of all liability. Probably if you did it yourself, they would be resolved as well since it probably has to be done by them.
  12. Food for thought. An EV because of the battery often weighs much more than a similar sized vehicle, so which is going to put more wear and tear on the road.
  13. I would be interested for sure. Do you know if it is a harder or softer lead? If it is soft I am definitely interested, the mold I am using won't work too well with hard lead.
  14. Get a few more spinnerbaits ready for this year.
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