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Where to get Mitchell reel parts?


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I have a Mitchell 908 which is about the size of my Sahara 2000 , and the anti reverse gear is also worn . Maybe it can be duplicated using aluminum or some tpye of fibre board.....I would love to get it fixed .

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Check the places out – see below.

Mine does not have a suffix of A or B or whatever. It is one of the originals and so it is simply – Mitchell 300 or 308.

I have 2 300s and 2 308s. They were my #1 spinning reels until 1994 when I finally bought about 5 new ABU Garcia reels. One of the 300s is about 49 years old, the other Mitchells are about 44 years. One of my 308s needs the same as what you are looking for – the anti-reverse does not work.

There is A Aikman Sporting Goods & Repair. He is good but I do not know if he would have parts for the old Mitchell 300. But many people use him for repairs.

Sam's Reel Repair in North Bay has parts for the 300 from the old to the present.

Mike’s Repair is in B.C. and he has the parts.

Southwestern Parts & Service are in Texas but they should have all parts – if all else fails.

I also would like to fix my reel but I do not know what part I would need. When I turn the clicker on for the anti reverse, there is no anti reverse - and so the reel will spin backwards.. Would anyone know?

Good luck – carp-starter

smerchly ===== check for the Mitchell 908 parts – they have it


A Aikman Sporting Goods & Repair

3010 Novar Road

Mississauga, ON L5B 1S4

Around hi-ways 5 and 10

(905) 277-3595

Authorized Service Center


South Western Part in Texas


Sam's Reel Repair

314 Foster Avenue

North Bay, Ontario,


Tel: (705) 472-4710


Mike’s Repair Service


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