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  1. Don'tcha just love the new technology ! If I can't pay cash or use my Mastercard or Debit card , maybe park the trailer and pay the fine , may be cheaper in the long run . The hospital will accept my Mastercard to pay for parking . Wait a few years and try to find a parking spot that hasn't got an E.V. meter..... BTW . that's a shithouse cooler full of BIG perch !!
  2. Those carp have been outsmarting me , "Wish I was 18 Again" (George Burns), but those numbers somehow got reversed . 🥴. btw.... more rain this morning , rivers and ditches running high ... fish are smiling .
  3. Yep , that's me ! The old melon ain't what it used to be ..... 😏... I have a gal can of Sea Foam and a gal can of WD40 which came with a refillable spray bottle . I have too many things going on lately and I have been using the Sea Foam in my WD40 bottle for a week ! ( back to normal yesterday ) !! I guess the Sea Foam still lubes things ,but it's an expensive lube .....and cleaned up my shoes nicely !
  4. I paid $150 for the canoe brand new but it was a "second" as the transom is not level which doesn't change how it operates . I also used an extension cable to set the heavy battery nearer to the front . For the amount of time I use the canoe I may just get a Wally deep cycle battery. When I launch at Jordan harbour I only need to carry (or slide) the battery 10 ft.to set it in the canoe . I used a small dolly to take that battery down the dock 50' to my boat at Quinte . It folds up and can be carried in the canoe when needed. I'll decide soon when the water clear up .
  5. From Dec.3/22 ... I gave my Legend boat to my son which still have the 2 old batteries which still seem to charge ok but they may fail soon . I have the 16' alum. freighter canoe to use for fishing . As Steelee said the price may come down as they sell more of them . I'm now looking to buy a much lighter battery for the canoe which will give me a couple of hours of trolling time . Some vids showed people buying a 50 -100 ah. from Amazon delivered to your house & others warned of getting a bad battery ..... I don't know much about these new batteries and I have a Nautilus Intelligent charger with 2, 10, 15 charge options & wonder if it will charge lithium batteries too. I also have a new small 2 amp charger . Anyone now using these light batteries now ?
  6. smerchly


    I crossed over the 12 yesterday , very fast and less than one mm. viz ! I checked Port D., not an angler in sight . The roadside ditches which run to Lake Ont. were running at full capacity The salmon can take a trip to Balls Falls now.
  7. In China they can put 14 tinners in a pickup . (or a scooter) 😆 Check out the BMW behind the biker LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOYZGJWh8tc
  8. I've seen 14 ft. tinners with one side over a wheel well with a cushion on the wheel well & tailgate down . My small Astro is also 4' between the wells & I can put 4 x 8 sheets totally inside . I believe other mini vans like the Chrysler vans can also.
  9. I have this one for my Astro van . My 16' freighter canoe extends at least 6' passed the vans bumper .I glued some carpet on the cross bar to keep gunnels from damage and use some orange trail tape for visibility . https://www.princessauto.com/en/big-bed-junior-hitch-mount-truck-bed-extender/product/PA0008609737
  10. My thermometer said 80*F yesterday , good day to do some work , cleaning up the lawnmower & changing the oil , lube job , ect. I built some 8' lattice panels previously and installed them yesterday & raised the back fence another 14" , over 7 ft. now, then put up 100 solar lights that flash with different coloured patterns , works great ! Parts of the lawn will get a hair cut today , the new grass I seeded grows like a weed ! And the boat motor will be immersed in a large barrel & started up today . April ,May, June ....my favourite time of the year , and also cold days with plenty of ice on the lake..... good times as well. ....my fence yesterday before and after ....
  11. People on the US side at the Falls got a different view of the eclipse ....... 🌚.
  12. Surf , we took cans of Koch's Golden Anniversary moose hunting and none of the other 5 complained about the taste . Old Milwaukie wasn't much different but the price was right . On one trip we had 5 cases of 24 canned beer in my van and got caught at the border coming back to Canada near Thunder Bay and they look all the beer ! lol I had a micky of Yukon Jack that the label said "made in Canada" and they let me keep it . I bought it on the US side ! ha ! Apparently our Koch's beer wasn't always liked by some ....
  13. From my back yard I felt the eyes were upon me .............
  14. Two decades ago millions of us were left in the dark for many hours . This eclipse may bring back some dark memories for a few minutes, lol ! Fortunately we were not affected since our power came from the Decew Hydro Gen. Plant . I would guess that most of us here were sitting in the dark ....and some using generators. Maybe I can grab a few worms from the grass tomorrow at 2 pm. 😁
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