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Viceroy Butterflies?

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Cheap playboy aftershave is da bomb lol :crazy: I havnt seen any in about a week and a half now though!

I'm an Old Spice guru , drives the young things insane ..... B) . I saw a couple more Admirals in my yard yesterday .....think they like the sweet scent of my garlic ....... :)

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All kinds of them around again

For sure Larry , we have a huge red delicious apple tree in our back yard , in full blossom ,and the admirals are going nuts all over the tree . Also , a pair of oriels were joining the sparrows eating the sweet smelling blossoms ........I took a few shots from the deck with the 18x zoom , hard to get good pictures with the moving branches........



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The other day I was walking along a trail beside the harbour and got to see what everyone is talking about, There were hundreds of them. The trail was protected from the wind and was getting good exposure to the sun. What a great thing to see. There were other butterflies as well, Question Marks, White Cabbage, Mourning Cloak and Monarch. There was a whole bunch of plants blooming so they were all taking advantage of the warmth and nectar.

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Honestly I have no idea... I just took a notice to them this year as there were literally hundrers flying around my yard. First spring in my house and BAM. At first I thought it was just the area, but I noticed there literally everywhere!

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