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Spring Steel / Making my return to NFN

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Hello NFN'ers


It's been a long time since I have been active on the forum and I wanted to re-introduce myself. I want to start by saying that the forum and its great have always been helpful whenever I had questions getting started. I've connected with a lot of excellent people through the page and I'm looking forward to doing that again.


Here's a picture of a nice spring steelhead caught by a friend from last year drifting the Niagara River as I dream of what's to come in the next few months. Hopefully a return to the Queenston boat ramp for one, and word from the province that Guiding is a GO as well. March is a great time to cash in on the Spring run, and there can be some tanks!


I am now a guide in the area: fully insured, with all the First-aid and transport Canada requirements and have been helping people make memories on Lake Ontario, the Niagara River and Erie for the past 4 years.

If anyone ever has questions about the local fisheries, I will do my best to share my experiences!


A lot has changed since I was last active here but from a bit of browsing I've done, it seems like there is still a great community here!


Do you prefer spring steelhead (March/April), mid-winter (Jan-Feb) fishing or the fall run (Oct-Dec)?


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What a beauty you have there Ketch !  It's been a while since I last saw you,  and nice to know you have been active in the fishing world . NFN has many new members ( met one yesterday ) at the Rec.canal!  Lots to enjoy here !

  Looking forward to see more from you .!   :Gonefishing:

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