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Lake Erie Perch Tournament, Sat Sept 29, Crystal Beach


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On Sat Sept 29, the Strait Line Anglers Club will be hosting a Perch Tournament on Lake Erie out of the Palmwood Launch ramp at Crystal Beach.

This event is open to all to enter and is a great opportunity as well perhaps if you wish to introduce someone new to the great fishery we have nearby.

The rules & details are as follows:

Strait Line Anglers Club Lake Erie Perch Tournament Rules

1) Event will run on Sat. Sept 29, 2012 with Sun. Sept 30, 2012 being the backup

day. Cancellation of the event will be announced by 8:00 pm on Friday Sept 28, 2012 on

www.straitlineanglers.com . Otherwise last minute cancellation will occur at the ramp the morning of.

Winds and Thunderstorm are cancelation concerns and cancellation will be determined by a minimum 4 of

the total 7 on the Strait Line Anglers committee only.

2) Registration begins at 6:30 am and closes at 8am. Teams may go fish anytime

following registration.

3) Each team must check in and have one team member in line for the weigh in

by 1pm with their fish. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

4) You may keep more than 15 perch however each team must ensure they only have the 15 biggest perch in their bucket when coming to weigh‐in. Additional fish will result in disqualification.

5) Livebait is allowed. You must follow all MNR regulations regarding livebait use and this includes that require you to dump your remaining live minnows on dry land 30 meters away from a water body.

6) All angling is to be done by boat only on Lake Erie waters (United States waters are also

open to fish provided anglers have the appropriate state License).

7) Operating a vessel and all angling activities during the event must be in accordance with all Ministry of Natural Resources & Transport Canada regulations. No alcohol allowed.

8) VHF channel 69 will be used for any official tournament communication.

9) Teams may either compete in the 15 Perch Challenge or Single Big Perch Challenge or both. Cost is $40 per boat

10) 15 Perch Challenge will have 85% pay back. Remaining 15% will go to the Strait Line Anglers Club.

1st place (42.5%), 2nd place (25.5%), 3rd place (17%) and remaining ties will result in split payout.

11) Single Big Perch Challenge will pay out 100% Cost is $20 per boat

1st place (50%), 2nd place (30%) and 3rd place (20%). Any ties will result in split payout.

12) KEEP YOUR DISTANCE – No two boats can be within 10 m (30ft) from each other. Tying off one another or shared anchoring is not allowed.

13) Boats under drift or under power must be mindful of anchored vessels. Please power‐up at a safe distance away from an anchored boat to limit wake or disturbing fishing grounds.

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