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Into The Fray Of Fly Fishing....


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Here comes a long stopry about how I've finally entered into the world of fly fishing....

It all began in August of 2013. I was volunteering at the Healing Waters event (an event that helps vetrans and serving members of the army with disabilites to fly fish) held by Trout Unlimited Niagara Chapter, with the help of volunteers and the Conservation Authority. Before I go any further into the fly fishing details, I want to say that this event was one of the best "feel good" moments I have been a part of. The smiles and laughs and stories being told by everyone involved was something I hope to expierence again at this years event.

Back to the fishing....

After helping set-up, I got asked if I wanted to learn how to fly cast. Me? Fly fish? I was skeptical at first, but realizing thta getting a lesson from a Trout Unlimited member may be the best way to get into the sport. Let me tell you... those first attempts were brutal... But after an hour of trying, I was kind iof getting the hang of it. My day was done, and even though my line never hit the water, I knew then I wanted to try to fly fish on my own time. I ended up buying a $20 combo off my buddy at a garage sale he was having... 8'6" 5/6wt... the reel will need to be replaced in a year or two, but to learn to fish, I couldnt say no (college budget kept me limited to how much i could spend)

Flash forward to June 2014...

I recieved an email from one of the TU members that I was talking to at the Healing Waters event, asking if I was still interested in fly fishing, and if I wanted to spend a few hours getting casting lessons from TU. I accepted this offer, and at the end of June, spent two hours with TU, learning all about fly fishing, and working on my casting (basic cast and roll casting). Since then, I have been practicing my casting at my house ( 3 acres of wide open grass makes casting easy) about 3 days a week, for a minimum of an hour per practice.

A few weeks later I found a steal on Kijiji for a beginner fly tying kit for 100$. This was a steal when i saw how much I actually got in the kit (Close to 300$ in materials). After a trip to Grindstone Angling to pick up a few things, I began tying flies. So far, I tie Wooly Buggers and Egg-Sucking Leeches, and I am working on perfecting a home-made minnow imitation that I randomly started tying one night. The only issue tying I have is getting my hackle to look super nice on my Buggers, but I am getting better with every fly I tie.

The last bit of news is that next friday I am heading to the Credit River with some of the TU guys to do some fishing, and then to their fishing club somewhere in the area to try on some stocked ponds! I couldnt be more excited to finally attempt to catch a fish on the fly. I will be making a report next weekend about my day. Even if I dont catch a fish, exploring a river I have never fished before, and getting some one on one expierence with a seasoned fly fisher is going to be one of the best expierences of my fishing career.

So don't be surprised if you guys see me chiming in a little more here, and maybe showing off some flies (when i feel like they're picture worthy). Anyways, thanks for reading guys!

- Jake

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Great read....and dont be ashamed to post your flies up. Constructive critisim helps us all perfect our skills. As far as your hackle goes it helps if you use hackle pliers to hold the tip and keep the fibre going in the same direction. Fish are not fussy...they will still chow it down. Trout unlimited is a great organization, I am also a member with them Brantford ( middle grand ) chapter. Giving back to the resource means a lot to me. I took fly lessons from the start and practiced what i was taught. My instructor taught me about having the right equipment for the type of fishing you plan to do....he stressed to me the most important of items in order. Your line being the most important, the rod being second, and your reel being last. The line must match the rod and the reel merely holds your line. Having a thirst for knowledge with practice and educating yourself helps lots. I am now comfortable instructing beginners the basics to get started. I was first introduced to fly tying by the owner of this site Cliff...who held a few lessons at his house to get some of us started. Since then i have attended numerous free instore demos and lessons at a local fly shop. I also attended the spey clave held in Brantford yearly and run and organized by the top fly (spey) guys in Canada and the US. All free of charge....with lunch, free lessons, and free equipment to try from the leading vendors like Buelah, Loop, Loomis, you name it. Search the grand river spey clave its all right there. I have fished with and met some great fly guys and some top notch tyers as well....and all its cost me is my time to attend. I really enjoy it regardless of my catch ratio....to me its a connection with being outside, enjoying company and pursing a catch on something you created and fooled the fish into taking your fly. If its quantity of fish you want, then there is other ways to achieve that. Good to see your interested in the sport....and i hope it grows on you like it has with me. There is always a new pattern to tie up or a new tactic to learn and even the experienced guys i know are always trying to perfect things.Do let us know how you do...and post up your flies too. People will say your moving to the dark side...lol. But thats only because they are really in the dark...lol. Good luck with it...hope you enjoy it!!!

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